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We are an agency that provides you with first class digital marketing strategies. Our team will create tailored and tactical stratagems that will be the path to your success stories. So, let’s go digital, let us tell the world about you!

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Khan IT provides best digital marketing services in Bangladesh. We can confidently make this claim because we keep ourselves updated on the latest digital strategies available and the services our competitors provide. Our experts here put in extra efforts to provide the customer with something special that they will not find anywhere else. We maintain quality and punctuality better than all other digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh

Web Design & Development

Web Design and Development

Website Designing & Development is a vital work in order to create the most user-friendly, responsive and engaging website that will make visitors land instantly and stay longer.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Service Bangladesh

SEO Service is the most popular service in Digital marketing that helps your website reach the first page of Google where you’ll find an ocean of customers for your brand.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Bangladesh

Social Media Marketing is another wing of Digital Marketing that allows you to spread your brand in the most popular social medias connecting to the targeted audience.

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Our Clients

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Digital marketing is very adaptable, quick and result driven. In the modern economy, digital marketing is essential for business to compete successfully. Digital marketing will expose you to a wide range of consumer base that will help you to contend with your competition on a limited advertising budget.

The best advantage of digital marketing is the ability to dissect huge demographics and create your marketing strategies targeting a focused group of clienteles who are most likely to buy your product. Today most of the customers are present online. So, if you want the fastest rate of ROI, consult our team of expert and professional Digital Marketing enthusiasts.

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About Khan IT (A Digital Marketing Company)

Khan IT is the most promising Digital Marketing Company of Bangladesh. We provide 360 digital marketing solution for small to large business owners around the world to rule on the web. We are successful in creating a bridge with the entrepreneur and their customers.

Khan IT provides top quality and professional service to confirm your presence in the digital space. Our target is to ensure your maximum ROI (Return on Invest) from our assistance.

We are one of the known digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh that provide 360 digital marketing solutions.

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Our Working Process

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The first thing for you to do is contact us right away. You can contact us directly by calling us or mailing us. Once you do, we’ll get back to you shortly and then we can start to know more about each other and that will create a strong bond between you and us.

Reducing The Problems


Next up, We find out all the problems in your website and note it down. We dig deep in order to find out the problem from its core. Our specialty is that we fix the problem from its core so that you’re not bugged by it in the future.

Set Up Action Plan


Once we deduce the problems, we come up with the solution. Based on the solution we set up an effective action plan for your website. We will walk you through the process which will make it easier for you to understand what we will do.



Once the action plan is set, and the terms and conditions are agreed upon, we will go for implementation. We’d work for a certain time period and keep executing the strategies according to our discussed plan of action.

A/B Testing


Next up, We find out all the problems in your website and note it down. We dig deep in order to find out the problem from its core. Our specialty is that we fix the problem from its core so that you’re not bugged by it in the future.

Results Of Success


And after implementing for the mentioned time frame, you finally get to see the results of our work. When you see your website on the first page of Google, you’ll know why we are the best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh.

Ready To Build Your Brand?

A brand is a guarantee of an experience and is unequivocally connected to trust. So, if you want to build a successful brand, let us mark a target audience for you and strategize a digital marketing campaign that will bring you the best results.

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Why We’re a Good Digital Marketing Company?

  • Khan IT is the best Digital Marketing Company in Bangladesh with its remarkable performance in ranking websites. We deal with the companies preciously to rank on Google first page and also help to track their web marketing results to increase the sales and to bring your business on leading position into the digital market.

  • We have worked with numerous companies to help them reach their ambition/targets. If you have your own website or a small business and want to achieve impressive progress and looking for a trustworthy digital marketing agency, we are your first stop. We will partner you to support outstandingly to enlarge your marketing performance and increase your sales by deriving massive web traffic, awareness from the online market which will get you to the perfect place to reach your goals.

  • As a full-grown Digital Marketing company in Bangladesh, we provide complete incorporated digital marketing solutions for your Business Company and Brands. We love to work and we enjoy what we do for our clients because your satisfaction is our happiness, have faith in our work and we will deliver our best work to you.

  • Our skilled and dedicated team members are working on digital marketing sector for more than 8 years and we are passionate to work and support our customers and we also provide maintenance facilities for the long-term relationship with our clients to ensure them the best Digital Marketing service ever.

Happy Client Says



Working with KHANIT was a massive success for us as a global furniture brand. Their unique digital marketing strategies along with organic SEO skills has helped us achieve the #1 rank in the Google searches. Massive increase in organic traffic in our websites has seen a rise in our online sales with currently 500-800 of our Keywords ranking premier position in google.

KHANIT has provided us with excellent consultancy services on our newest venture I-Tracker. Their digital marketing tactics has proved to be quite efficient in terms achieving a good customer base.


With KHANIT by our side, we have successfully launched our brand new project E-plaza as an E-commerce website. Their organic SEO skills has helped 900+ of our Keywords to rank #1 in google search. We have seen heavy increase in website traffic and increasing number of sales. We look forward to partnering with KHANIT for a long time.


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Why Does a Business in Bangladesh Need Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an important road to take to let your business reach the largest audience. To manage a business, one has to frequently take different routes to match the pace with their customers. You have to promote your business in a related way for the customers. You also have to promote your business on platforms that are frequented by your targeted audience.

In the modern age, nearly every service and product is just one click away. People leisurely scroll through social media and come across services and products that can grab their attention instantly. They then proceed to purchase that without going through the trouble of visiting a shop or market. In this era, if you don’t promote your business online, you will lag behind your competitors.

Search engine optimization is a popular form of digital marketing. Here, the goal is to make the contents be counted as relevant by search engines. If a search engine counts your content relevant, it would rank your business higher. This way, people searching for a particular service or product will see your business on the top results.

To appear on the first page of a Google search, content has to meet certain criteria. Having plagiarism and grammatical errors will make your content do poorly. Content that is filled with irrelevant information and is hard to read will make your website lose credibility. You will need original content that offers the customer what they are searching for interestingly.

  • Digital marketing is a transparent process. You can easily keep track of how much benefit you are getting from your online promotions.

  • If you frequently post relevant and original content that is search engine optimized, your business website will be deemed as reliable.

  • With digital marketing on social media, you can match steps with your competitors. Statistics suggest that nearly 94% of business owners make use of social media marketing.

  • The importance of search engine optimization is so great that statistics say that 64% of marketers actively invest in SEO.

  • Digital marketing takes your business to a larger audience which can translate to a huge boost in sales. Statistics say that a business does 31% better with online promotions.


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